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Chandu Satish

Chandu Venkata Satish

Allow Me to Introduce Myself,

I'm Chandu Venkata Satish, the visionary behind Political Engineer - an innovative social media marketing agency that caters to politicians and ministries. As the CEO, I lead a team of social media experts who work tirelessly as the right hand to our clients, helping them build a robust and distinct digital presence that sets them apart from the rest. Our aim is to revolutionise the way political marketing works, and I am excited to share how we can help you.


Wildfire on social media

Take the example of Indian politics - remember when the "Chaiwala" meme went viral during the 2014 elections, or the "Pappu" moniker that was popularised during the 2019 campaign? These catchy slogans and images spread like wildfire on social media, ultimately influencing the election outcome.


Leveraging its full potential

As Political Engineers, we recognize the power of social media in politics and are dedicated to leveraging its full potential. Our social media specialists possess the necessary skills to develop influential campaigns that connect with your intended audience and effectively convey your political message.


We've got your back

So, whether you're a seasoned politician or a newbie trying to make a mark, we've got your back. Let us help you build a social media Tribe that's as impactful as a Modi hug and as catchy as a Rahul Gandhi gaffe. Join us at the Political Engineer and let's take the internet by storm!


Significant impact on public opinion

In this age of social media, a political campaign without a strong social media presence is like a bow without any arrow - useless! Social media has revolutionised the way people engage with politics, and it's no secret that a well-crafted tweet or a viral meme can have a significant impact on public opinion.

As an active and dynamic politician

How can you take advantage of Social Media?

Connect with voters

Engage, interact, and understand their concerns on social media.

Build a loyal following

Share your vision, campaign promises, and political views on social media.

Target specific demographics

Reach a wider audience by targeting specific demographics on social media.

Leverage influencers

Expand your following by partnering with influencers who share your political views.

Respond to criticisms

Address concerns and respond to negative comments on social media.

Use data analytics

Measure the effectiveness of your campaign with social media analytics.

Share real-time updates

Keep your followers informed and engaged with real-time updates on social media.

Create a call-to-action

Encourage your followers to volunteer, donate, or vote with a social media call-to-action.

Monitor public opinion

Stay informed and adjust your campaign strategy based on public opinion on social media.

Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Solutions

Welcome to our world of social media magic, where we don't just offer services, we offer a passport to digital success!

From crafting eye-catching content that resonates with your audience, to keeping track of each and every like, comment, and share through cutting-edge analytics, we've got you covered. So whether you're looking to build your brand, engage with customers, or simply make a splash on the digital scene, we're here to make it happen by offering you the following services:

  1. Social Media Tribe Formation
  2. Content Creation
  3. PR Activity
  4. Social Media Advertising
  5. Political Influencer Marketing
  6. Political Twitter Trendings
  7. Dedicated War Room
  8. Visual Content Creation
  9. Mobility Value Added Services
  10. Concept based Project Design
  11. Social Media Verification
  12. Creative Poster Designing
  13. Video Editing
  14. Building Profile Identity
  15. Political Survey
  16. Political Leadership Training
Chandu Venkata Satish

Maximising Your Online Presence

Are you tired of being drowned out by your opponents on social media?

We understand and agree with you that it is very difficult and sometimes humiliating to deal with the negative remarks made by leaders of the opposition parties. If made publicly, this may lead to defamation and may cause serious cause of concern for your high prestige and political brand value.

Our team will help you cut through the noise and make your voice heard. We have separate strategies for each social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc which include:

  1. Live Streaming
  2. Using User-Generated Content
  3. Creating Political Memes
  4. Sponsored Advertisement
  5. Social Listening
  6. Handling Criticism

Our strategies are designed to be effective, efficient, and most importantly, fun! We believe that politics doesn't have to be boring, and neither should your social media presence. Our team will help you inject your political opinions in viewers minds in a very subtle but also entertaining way, so that your followers will not only engage with your content, but actually look forward to seeing it!


Affordable Social Media Marketing Packages for Every Business

We believe that high-quality social media marketing can actually level up the political game in the digital world. That's why we offer a range of affordable packages that are tailored to meet the needs of every politician or political party


  1. Daily 2 posts
  2. 15 Creative Posters
  3. Handling Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  4. Content Creation


  1. Daily 5 Posts
  2. 30 Creatives
  3. Handling Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  4. Content Creation
  5. 5 Reels (Video)
  6. 1 News Article


  1. Daily 5-8 Posts
  2. Unlimited Designs
  3. Handling Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  4. Content Creation
  5. Unlimited Videos
  6. 2 News
  7. Digital Media Strategies
  8. Customized Campaigns
  9. Paid Promotions


Our team will leave no stone unturned to align all resources towards your success. With an expert understanding of the Constitution and the current political landscape, we'll create a bespoke strategy that leverages cutting-edge digital marketing tools and technology.

Choose our Platinum plan for a guaranteed victory in the next elections. Reach us for more information.
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We understand that different politicians or political parties may have different opinions about the same thing, and accordingly the social media marketing needs may vary.

That's why we offer customizable plans that can be designed to meet your specific requirements. Our plans are fully customizable, so you can add or remove services as your needs change. Need help with social media management now, but want to add influencer marketing later? No problem! We'll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your plan is always tailored to meet your current needs.

How we work

Our Process for Delivering Results. We don't just create buzz, we engineer victories

As Political Engineers, we don't believe in making things complicated. Our process is as smooth as a jar of butter, but it hits harder than a missile strike. How do we do it, you ask? Well, it's simple. We've mastered the art of social media marketing and developed a step-by-step process that's:

We listen We want to hear from you, the candidate, about your goals, your vision, and your message. We'll take notes and ask questions, but we promise not to hog the mic.

We research We'll dig deep into your opponent's background, their weaknesses, and their favourite flavour of ice cream. (Just kidding, we won't stoop that low.) We'll also analyse your target audience and figure out the best way to reach them.

We strategize Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we'll come up with a social media campaign that's tailored to your needs. We'll focus on your strengths, exploit your opponent's weaknesses, and make sure your message hits home.

We execute This is where the magic happens. We'll create compelling content, launch targeted ads, and engage with your followers. We'll monitor the results and adjust our strategy as needed.

We win Simple as that. With Political Engineer on your side, victory is just a few clicks away.

We're Political Engineers

A Trusted Social Media Marketing Agency with Proven Track Record

We are an innovative political digital marketing agency and specialise in executing cutting-edge political social media marketing strategies and deriving sure short results. Our mission is to assist political candidates, parties, and government ministries in building a strong social media presence to ultimately win the support of the public through our strategic social media campaigns.

The unique concept of Political Engineer is not just to benefit the politicians but our purpose is also to showcase true information and put forward the real and unbiased image of politicians in front of the public. As we all know, the ‘Digital India Mission’ launched by the Modi government has significantly increased the use of social media within a decade. We empower the politicians to capitalise this power of digitalisation by letting us work for them.

We as a team of social media marketing experts also known as Political Engineers will make sure that your social media marketing is levelled up and you get the best and most of your time and efforts.

Our exceptional track record and successful social media marketing strategies have even earned us the opportunity to work with our hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji on his social media marketing campaigns. So far we have already worked with several MPs, MLAs and Ministers of different political parties along with some government ministries, and they all have nothing but only positive remarks and recommendations about Political Engineer.

Our Patrons Relishing Digital Services

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